October 24, 2016 by Alan Vang

How to Prevent a Heatstroke

A heatstroke is a serious form of injury that results from heat. In many cases, it is considered as a medical emergency and therefore has to be dealt with immediately. People who frequently suffer from heat strokes must keep a first aid kit along with themselves.

A heatstroke can cause damage to vital organs of the body such as the brain and lead to death. Elder people (above 50) are at a greater risk to be affected by a heat stroke. Heat exhaustion, heat cramps and fainting may also lead to heat stroke.

The good news is that in many cases, heat stroke is preventable. By adopting a few tips, it can easily be prevented. These tips are listed below:

  1. Wear loose fitting clothing. You should feel comfortable in your clothes, excessive clothes or tight fitting costumes would not allow your body to cool.
  2. Take protection against UV radiations. UV radiations also affect the body’s ability to cool itself. Therefore, always keep a hat and sunglasses with you. Use sunscreen on your face and exposed body parts.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated. Always keep a water bottle with you when going outside home. Drink other fluids such as juices.
  4. Never stand for too long in the sunlight. Also, do not leave anyone in a parked car
  5. Do not engage in strenuous activity during hot hours of the day.
  6. If you take regular medications for any health condition then consult your doctor. Discuss with your doctor and observe extra care.

August 13, 2016 by Alan Vang


Skiing is an activity that attracts people from all corners of the world which consist of youth majorly.

They travel to cold areas and test their expertise in this mighty sport.

Skiing is basically of two types named the cross country and alpine. Alpine skiing is comparatively more attractive. In this particular type, you move straight downhill. It is easy and fun as well.

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While skiing, the first and foremost rule are to stay calm. Overexcitement can ruin the quality of your performance. Most people who come for skiing speaking on top of their voice and acting very excited are the ones who collapse on their initial days.

Learning from your mistakes and acknowledging what you lack at is crucial. As it is very hard actually to accept that you are not perfect at something it is important to accept that to start working towards improving it.

You have to pick the right gear and be careful with the brands you are picking. Do some desktop research and read the reviews of the products you are about to invest in. It can reduce the chances of false purchase, and your money won’t go to drain. Practice with te equipment on. It will suppress the chances of you failing.

Lastly, I would say that please stop on alcohol as it will reduce your stamina. Drink as much water as you possibly can. You will be at a higher ground level than usual, so staying hydrated is vital. Do not underestimate it.

August 13, 2016 by Alan Vang

Tips to make decorative pebble spheres

Have you ever thought to make use of pebbles that you find lying on every other place in your daily routine? These pebbles can be turned into wonderful decoration pieces and the best thing is that you don’t need to invest money in this. With little creativity, you can come out with some astounding decoration pieces for your home. Here are the steps that you need to follow for making a classy decorative pebble sphere. Have a look.

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  • The materials you need for making a decorative piece of pebble sphere are foam balls, pebbles, ceramic tiles adhesive, clean and soft rug, container of water, natural sea sponge, rubber spatula, disposable container and sand.
  • The first step you need to follow is that to mix a small amount of sand with tile adhesive using disposable container.
  • Now apply the mixture using one area of the foam at a time. Apply the mixture by the help of spatula.
  • Use your hands in order to press pebbles into grout.
  • Wait for few minutes to let it set. Use a damp sponge for gentle smoothing. Rinse sponge is often used in fresh water.
  • Now let the grout to set up slightly. Use a damp sponge to gains wipe the face of the pebbles.
  • Wait for it to dry.
  • Use the clean and soft rug to polish the mosaic pieces. Thus making it look clean, organized and absolutely perfect. Your pebble decorative sphere is ready.

April 13, 2015 by Alan Vang

Special Michelin Tyre for Audi8

Michelin is one of the premier national tyres manufacturers in the world. The company makes more than €21.47 billion in revenue every year and it is famous for its quality tyres. The company makes thousands of tyres every year and it has significant tie-ups with car manufacturers from all over the world. This year, the tyre company has developed a special partnership with Audi.

 14.Special Michelin Tyre for Audi8

Michelin discount tyres will be developing a special version of its popular Pilot Sport Cup 2 sports tyre for the impressive new Audi8. The ultra-high performance tyre is designed to meet the unique requirements of the new Audi8. Although there are several versions of the Audi8, most versions come with a supercharged V6 engine that produces ample racing power. The 4.0 T’s twin turbocharged V8 is much more potent that other models but it offers the same average fuel economy as other cars on the market.

About the Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tyres

The Pilot Sport Cup 2 is an ultra-high performance tyre and it is designed to give high-speed handling on racing cars. Based on a design agreement between Michelin and Audi, Michelin engineers designed to tweak the basic model for effective day-to-day driving. According to Michelin, the new tyres are designed to give excellent dry surface grip. At the same time, they also combine wet surface stability without compromising speed and lap times.

According to Michelin reports, the Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres have managed to meet all specifications. The modified tyre can now provide extremely precise driving efficiency, accurate steering response, and a stable balance between the front and rear grip. Cornering efficiency has increased, and even ordinary cars will be able to provide sporty agile handling at high speeds within safety standards.

Basic Tyre Modifications

To achieve the desired results, the Michelin design team modified the tyres fitted by adding complex tyre compounds to the basic tyre polymer mixture. To ensure that the tyres would be stable on a slippery surface, Michelin engineers created separate front and rear tyres with different polymer additives in these tyres. It was this basic difference that led to high levels of safety, durability, and road grip. Furthermore, the entire design and development process took less than 15 months.

To ensure that the tyres were of the highest standard, wet and dry surface testing was carried out on the most difficult racing tracks in the world. Michelin engineers used the Nürburgring, the Michelin Technology Center in Ladoux, France, the Jerez race tracks, and the Idiada proving ground in Spain to get the tyres up to international racing standards.  Only four development cycles were undertaken, but the resulting Pilot Sport Cup 2 is one of the best tyres on the market.

With these special built in features into the Pilot Sport Cup 2, both Michelin and Audi expect the tyres to give the Audi8 better manoeuvrability and control. The smoother ride and better driving efficiency could make drivers feel like their Audi8 is their own personal racing car. At present, the modified Pilot Sport Cup 2 ultra-performance tyres are being offered as optional fitments on the Audi8. Drivers can ask for the ultra-high performance tyres by identifying the R01 marking on the sidewall.

April 1, 2015 by Alan Vang

Shopping Tips For Your Tyre Needs


Your car tyres are having one of the most important role in all of your car parts. These may affect the safety and the quality of your driving experience, so in choosing a tyre to purchase may come to various factors that must be considered. Tyres are now available in so many factories and stores even online, how sure we might be in choosing the right kind of tyres our cars need? In this article, tips will be shared to you in choosing tyres wisely and practically. Shopping tyres may depend also in different factors such as the types of road, weather onditions and even to the type of vehicle you have. Wrong choice of tyres may affect the total performance of your car.

Tyres had been running for over a centennial of being one of the most important feature off the vehicles when it comes to safety, knowing that they are the only car parts that have direct contact to the road. All of the caar parts corresponds to the tyre grip which make it a vital part of a vehicle. You are putting yourself at risk when you drive a car that has a worn out tyres, this is such a serious thing that you need to have a proper and regular maintenance to avoid any unwanted incidents on your every trip. Not all drivers are knowledgeable about educated purchase of car tyres , they may just choose the design, availability and unnecessary factors.

tyresCar tyres are now available anywhere within your reach, with thousands of factories and shops around you, online shops are also competing with the industry. Yet you have to be careful in either ay you choose, because maybe you may say that this is just a simple and usual car accessory, yet this would create a big impact with your driving. As much as possible, refer to those known and reputable brands and stores, ask professional advice of the certain kind of tyres your vehicle needed.

Do not let poor quality rubber ruin your driving, if you noticed that your old car was performing well, that would be a great clue for you to buy just the same brand of tyres, be particular in using tyres that are reserved at the back off your vehicles, they were epose to the heat of the sun and with rain, you may check for that tyre’s born date to check whether it is still in the condition for you to use it.

Just always bear in mind that whatever the car you have, you might as well use the designated tyres specially made for it, like for the sporty edition cars, they may have only slight traction in the snow, and if you wish to put base model tyres for your sporty version, manufacturers may make you a handle like. You might also consider the tyre life, for you to save extra expenses for the replacements and repairs, do not just go for the trendy yet will nott take effect for your car model, then later on ill complain with all the discomforts you will feel on driving.

Extra tip if you want to improve the performance of your car, you may switch your option to summer tyres from the all season type of tyres or what they call the 3 season tyres. These will provide you tyres a lot more grip whether in a dry or in wet season but most important thing you must do is to do the research to gain a lot more knowledge just before you show up and buy the tyres you would like to have for you already assesses your budget and considered what exactly you need.

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