October 24, 2016 by Alan Vang

How to Prevent a Heatstroke

A heatstroke is a serious form of injury that results from heat. In many cases, it is considered as a medical emergency and therefore has to be dealt with immediately. People who frequently suffer from heat strokes must keep a first aid kit along with themselves.

A heatstroke can cause damage to vital organs of the body such as the brain and lead to death. Elder people (above 50) are at a greater risk to be affected by a heat stroke. Heat exhaustion, heat cramps and fainting may also lead to heat stroke.

The good news is that in many cases, heat stroke is preventable. By adopting a few tips, it can easily be prevented. These tips are listed below:

  1. Wear loose fitting clothing. You should feel comfortable in your clothes, excessive clothes or tight fitting costumes would not allow your body to cool.
  2. Take protection against UV radiations. UV radiations also affect the body’s ability to cool itself. Therefore, always keep a hat and sunglasses with you. Use sunscreen on your face and exposed body parts.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated. Always keep a water bottle with you when going outside home. Drink other fluids such as juices.
  4. Never stand for too long in the sunlight. Also, do not leave anyone in a parked car
  5. Do not engage in strenuous activity during hot hours of the day.
  6. If you take regular medications for any health condition then consult your doctor. Discuss with your doctor and observe extra care.

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