April 13, 2015 by Alan Vang

Special Michelin Tyre for Audi8

Michelin is one of the premier national tyres manufacturers in the world. The company makes more than €21.47 billion in revenue every year and it is famous for its quality tyres. The company makes thousands of tyres every year and it has significant tie-ups with car manufacturers from all over the world. This year, the tyre company has developed a special partnership with Audi.

 14.Special Michelin Tyre for Audi8

Michelin discount tyres will be developing a special version of its popular Pilot Sport Cup 2 sports tyre for the impressive new Audi8. The ultra-high performance tyre is designed to meet the unique requirements of the new Audi8. Although there are several versions of the Audi8, most versions come with a supercharged V6 engine that produces ample racing power. The 4.0 T’s twin turbocharged V8 is much more potent that other models but it offers the same average fuel economy as other cars on the market.

About the Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tyres

The Pilot Sport Cup 2 is an ultra-high performance tyre and it is designed to give high-speed handling on racing cars. Based on a design agreement between Michelin and Audi, Michelin engineers designed to tweak the basic model for effective day-to-day driving. According to Michelin, the new tyres are designed to give excellent dry surface grip. At the same time, they also combine wet surface stability without compromising speed and lap times.

According to Michelin reports, the Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres have managed to meet all specifications. The modified tyre can now provide extremely precise driving efficiency, accurate steering response, and a stable balance between the front and rear grip. Cornering efficiency has increased, and even ordinary cars will be able to provide sporty agile handling at high speeds within safety standards.

Basic Tyre Modifications

To achieve the desired results, the Michelin design team modified the tyres fitted by adding complex tyre compounds to the basic tyre polymer mixture. To ensure that the tyres would be stable on a slippery surface, Michelin engineers created separate front and rear tyres with different polymer additives in these tyres. It was this basic difference that led to high levels of safety, durability, and road grip. Furthermore, the entire design and development process took less than 15 months.

To ensure that the tyres were of the highest standard, wet and dry surface testing was carried out on the most difficult racing tracks in the world. Michelin engineers used the Nürburgring, the Michelin Technology Center in Ladoux, France, the Jerez race tracks, and the Idiada proving ground in Spain to get the tyres up to international racing standards.  Only four development cycles were undertaken, but the resulting Pilot Sport Cup 2 is one of the best tyres on the market.

With these special built in features into the Pilot Sport Cup 2, both Michelin and Audi expect the tyres to give the Audi8 better manoeuvrability and control. The smoother ride and better driving efficiency could make drivers feel like their Audi8 is their own personal racing car. At present, the modified Pilot Sport Cup 2 ultra-performance tyres are being offered as optional fitments on the Audi8. Drivers can ask for the ultra-high performance tyres by identifying the R01 marking on the sidewall.

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